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New digital KYC application and data protection implications

Partner Michalis Kosmopoulos and Senior Associate Panagiotis Tampoureas, are discussing about the new platform ‘Introduce yourself – KYC (Know Your Customer)’, recently launched by the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, as well as analysing its data protection implications. Greece_ New digital KYC application and data protection impact _ Insights _ DataGuidance

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The new legal framework on compulsory mediation in Greece  

  In an attempt to lighten the heavy burden of the Greek judicial system, articles 178 to 206 of Law 4512/2018 on Arrangements for the Implementation of the Structural Reforms of the Economic Adjustment Programmes and Other Provisions regulate the new mediation procedures in civil and commercial matters. This alternative extrajudicial dispute resolution method seeks to provide […]

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Prioritizing priorities: IP challenges for Greece

The utmost value of Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”)to the global economy has been much discussed and analyzed in a series of published EU and national economic studies and reports, quantifying both the contribution of IPR-intensive industries to the economic performance and trade, as well as the economic impact of counterfeiting. Corporate and government budget, allocation […]

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Sharing economy via digital platforms: how is Greece treating Airbnb-style rentals?

With the Greek peak summer holiday season fast approaching, hosts leasing out their properties through sharing economy digital platforms are seeking the best way ahead to make themselves compliant with the applicable regulatory framework. The current regime on short-term leases provides for a series of requirements that property managers, i.e. individuals or legal entities responsible […]

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GDPR: a perspective on the compliance challenges within large organizations

With less than a month before it eventually rolls out across the EU, the GDPR is still treated by many businesses as a complicated piece of legislation triggering serious debate between professionals and regulators and incurring heavy compliance burden for large organizations. However, the GDPR implementation date, i.e. 25 May 2018,should be looked at more […]

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Liability of intermediaries: the effective anti-counterfeiting tool

STO-3707 AC Guide 2018 custom PDFs_DRAKOPOULOS

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Foreign Direct Investment in Greece rebounds in 2017

Despite the severe economic crisis Greece has been facing over almost a decade, the country’s performance in dragging in foreign investment throughout the years has been marking a rather impressive track record. So far, 2017 has beendefinitely a year showcasing increased economic, commercial and corporate activity and gradually improving financial circumstances. The Greek Ministry of Finance issued in […]

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Quasi – judicial tax recourse: Saving time (and money) in tax disputes against Tax Authorities

Almost four years ago and amid the pressure exercised on the Greek State by its European partners and the IMF by means of economic adjustment programmes and loan agreements broadly known as “memoranda”, a new tax procedural code was adopted. The main aim of the Greek Government – and a bet against all odds–was to […]

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A new remedy against excessively long judicial proceedings

The latest amendments to the Civil Procedure Code (CPC), which will enter into force in November 2017, aim at increasing the judicial system’s efficiency and performance. In this respect, one of the main amendments relates to the excessive length of judicial proceedings. Statistics show that until September 2014, 70% of the complaints filed with the […]

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Greek labor sector stays mired in high unemployment rates as debt crisis goes on

Almost nine years since the outset of the Greek debt crisis, the deep and prolonged recession has led to substantial decline in ordinary financial activity and has swept away a quarter of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an aftermath usually observed in times of war. The ongoing crisis has had an extremely negative effect on labour market as well. In a country of 11 million people, more than one million jobs […]

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