Drakopoulos makes the difference by being an international law firm protecting IP rights via its fully-fledged offices covering all aspects of IP law. Our clientele enjoys the added benefit of secure, reliable and sustainable IP protection, with the advanced skills and local knowledge of its specialised IP lawyers and registered agents with international background and experience.

We view IP law as a tool for achieving the client’s goals, be it in the offence or the defence. This is why we work as a team with the client, touching base on developments and strategy, frequently and efficiently. We do not decide for the client and then advise them of the plan like traditional firms might do; we discuss, consult, recommend and decide together with the client on every particular situation’s best approach.

Aside from offering the more traditional IP services, ranging from regular filings, prosecutions and contentious work, what distinguishes our services is the ability to offer creative solutions in accommodating our clients’ specific needs and interests. When faced with short deadlines, bureaucratic or statutorily imposed obstacles, we make sure that the right case-law or legislative provision is put to use expeditiously and efficiently, always geared to achieving client satisfaction.

Our IP Department has a proven and outstanding track record managing and resolving domestic and international IP cases, including, inter alia IP portfolios management, trademark registration, trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies, consumer protection, technology disputes, patent licensing, domain name protection, data protection and litigation in all aspects affecting marketing and advertising.

Our IP team responds efficiently to complex and high profile domestic and international IP cases and disputes providing flexible and turnkey commercial solutions. The department advises major national and international businesses, including multinational technology and software companies, brokerage houses, investment funds and listed companies.

Drakopoulos is partner in Greece and Cyprus of REACT – The Anti-Counterfeiting Network, comprising 400 companies with premium brands across the world, assisting its members in anti-counterfeiting matters across the country.