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Our Dispute Resolution department has a proven and outstanding track record managing and resolving domestic and international disputes, including, inter alia, commercial and competition disputes, international arbitration, litigation before courts of all instances and jurisdictions, including the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, real estate and construction disputes, class actions, banking, regulatory, anti-trust and securities disputes, restructuring and insolvency disputes, products liability disputes, IP litigation and white-collar criminal defence.

Our Dispute Resolution team responds efficiently to complex and high profile domestic and international disputes providing flexible and turnkey commercial solutions in the conduct of litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. The department advises major national and international businesses, including multinational companies, brokerage houses, investment funds and companies listed on major stock exchange markets, representing them before agencies, committees, tribunals and courts.


  • We represented TUI FRANCE before the Court of First Instance of Athens in a case of hotelier agent’s compensation and damages claimed from the client.
  • We are representing CHIPITA in a cross border legal action against ELKA/INTERELKA for trade dress infringement in Greece and Albania.
  • We represented INTRAKAT in a lengthy €14,5 million litigation against VINCI CONSTRUCTIONS in relation to the construction of Le Mans football stadium in France.
  •  We represented VOICEWEB in a €24 million dispute resolution in Nigeria with respect to trade secrets theft and fraud in relation to a mega SMS promo campaign against ETISALAT and others.
  • Acting on behalf of TUV, we filed a legal action a Greek company offering certification services under an almost identical TUV mark, requesting the defendant to cease and desist from any further use of the mark both in Greece and in all EU countries.
  • We represented PIMARA, the developers of the island of Oxia, a project related to the EMIR OF QATAR, in a €4,5 million dispute against a major Greek design firm.
  • We represented TIMWE in a claim against WIN with respect to misappropriation of funds and non-disclosure of crucial information.
  • We represented RECKITT BENCKISER before the Council of State in a case of annulment against the Ministry of Health with respect to the mandatory price fixing of two Nurofen products listed as OTC medicinal products according to a price bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health per semester.
  • We represented  a major tobacco producer in an appeal against ATE insurance company for the offset of the amount of €529.860 due to the client as contingent insurance risk against the amount owed to the insurance company by the client as part of a €1 million loan agreement.
  • We represented ITARIA in court against the Municipality of Rethymno with respect to the imposition of unjustified municipal fines amounting to €250.000 and managed to obtain a temporary restraining order against the Municipality.
  • We successfully represented DIMITRA and APOPSI in litigation against the Greek State and managed to obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) suspending the enforcement of a decision on forfeiture and expulsion from the execution of a public project already issued against the clients by the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), a public authority.
  • We represented in Romania THE AUTHORITY FOR STATE ASSETS ADMINISTRATION (A.A.A.S.) in court in defence in a series of important litigations of an aggregate value of €10 million.
  • We represented ROMSILVA, the Romanian National Forest Company, in a complicated litigation against a major software provider with respect to the annulment of their €2 million agreement.
  • We represented SOFT BUSINESS UNION in a series of litigations against the Tax Authorities securing the rebate of an amount of over €1 million.
  • We represented SPARTAN SECURITY (member of our regional client TEQJA GROUP) in high profile litigation against the Albanian Tax Office regarding tax on profit and deduction of expenses.
  • We assisted and represented NOV FLUID CONTROL (member of NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO), through its branch in Albania, in a dispute resolution case against a branch of a US based company operating in the oil extraction industry, involving the commencement of arbitration proceedings.
  • We represented HYGEIA HOSPITAL TIRANA in high profile litigation with respect to malpractice charges raised by an Albanian person against the client seeking both material and moral damages.