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Drakopoulos has been providing consulting and legal advice to businesses since 1992. The firm possesses extensive resources and know-how to cover a wide range of services and handle substantial and complex transactions; our deep and talented roster of legal professionals provides service quality and legal expertise, leveraging the interests of both our domestic and international clientele, being dedicated to their successful operation.

We respond efficiently to complex legal problems with flexible commercial solutions, helping clients to achieve their business objectives. The firm represents the interests of major national and international businesses, including multinational companies and companies listed on major stock exchange markets, active in several industries, including Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Health and Medical, Real Estate and Construction, Tourism, Energy and Environment, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Logistics, Media and Advertising, Sports and Entertainment, Publishing, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Consulting, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, Defence, Government Agencies, Equities and Trusts.

Drakopoulos offers turnkey solutions to businesses from incorporation to liquidation, always keeping in mind that what clients need is not lawyers who just know the law and advise them on what they cannot do, but rather lawyers with high legal skills who understand their business vision and assist them with materializing their objectives in a secure, effective and sustainable way.

The law we practice is business law. We are involved in all aspects of corporate life, by providing advice in the fields of Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial, EU and Competition, Public Procurement and PPPs, Industrial and Intellectual Property, Labour, Tax, and related dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation before courts of all instances and jurisdictions, including the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.