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We cover a complete range of litigation representing  domestic and international clients in various complex IP matters.


  • We represented DAIMLER in important trademark infringement litigation, requesting the defendant, a former Mercedes-Benz Hellas distributor, to cease and desist from any and all further use of our client’s trademarks.
  • Acting on behalf of our client CHIPITA S.A. we filed a legal action for trade dress infringement and unfair competition, both in Greece and Albania.
  • We assisted the Federation of the Swiss Watches in a seizure of 54.420 fake watches which infringed 6 different brands of the Federation, namely ROLEX, TAG HEUER, BREITLING, SWATCH, OMEGA and BULGARI.
  • We successfully led the judicial case regarding the infringement of ASICS famous trademarks by a Bulgarian company.
  • We conduct several raids and seizures for APPLE, seizing a great number of counterfeit items.
  • We advise RECKITT BENCKISER (RB) to promptly act against merchandisers and  domain name holders  trading counterfeits of our client’s Scholl products.
  • We advise NESTLE with respect to dozens of trademark infringement cases in Romania.
  • We successfully represented PREMIER LEAGUE before the Romanian Trademark office (OSIM) in an important trademark opposition filed against the application submitted by a Romanian company operating in the automotive industry, for a TM confusingly similar to the famous lion of the Premier League TM.
  • We assisted the franchising division of SUBWAY in amending their frame licensing agreements and registered them with the national trademarks authority.
  • We advised SUNLIGHT ROMANIA with respect to a trade dress infringement case.
  • We successfully represented CHRISTIAN LACROIX Société en nom collectif, before the Romanian Trademark office in an important trademark opposition against the application submitted by the brand Roger Lacroix and reached an irrevocable decision.
  • We represented RENAULT in litigation against GENERAL MOTORS for a trademark infringement mater in Albania.
  • We advise ITAL FOOD (member of FICOSOTA group) with respect to the use and registration of their MARETTI trademarks in Greece. ITAL FOOD has been, since 2007, part of a lengthy litigation as counterparty to TOTTIS-BINGO, a Greek food company, since the latter has opposed the registration and use of MARETTI in Greece on the basis of their prior AMARETTI Greek trademarks. On their side, ITAL FOOD has filed a cancellation action against AMARETTI trademark and, currently, all cases are now pending before the Greek Administrative Courts.
  • We advise RIGO TRADING, of the famous HARIBO Group, with regard to an appeal and possible legal action against the provisional refusal of the Albanian Directorate of Industrial Property(ADIP) against RIGO’s Crazy Roxx trademark.
  • We advised VMD PHARMA on trademark infringement procedures against their former distributor in Greece.
  • Following a customs seizure,on behalf of our client THE POLO/LAUREN COMPANY, of more than 8.000 counterfeits, we negotiated a settlement agreement with INTERHAT SA, as the importer, securing that they cover all storage and destruction costs (although Regulation 608/2013 clearly provides that these costs are covered by the IP owner). We also coordinated all IP owners involved in this seizure to achieve a global settlement with the importer.
  • Following a police seizure of counterfeits, we filed on behalf of PRADA a legal action claiming damages.
  • Acting on behalf of NEW ERA, we coordinated a raid and seizure at the shop of MAIN IDEA Ltd in Hersonissos, Crete and filed a legal action for damages against MAIN IDEA Ltd.
  • We represented RECKITT BENCKISER (RB) in a series of trademark and design infringement cases with respect to their SCHOLL products, requesting from the defendants/infringers to cease and desist from any further trademark infringement and withdraw all infringing products from the relevant trading/selling po
  • Acting on behalf of TÜV, we filed a legal action against the defendant, a Greek company offering certification services under an almost identical TUV mark, requesting the defendant to cease and desist from any further use of the mark both in Greece and in all EU countries.
  • We advised SONY for trademark and design infringement on SONY’s IPRs related to play station controllers against PLAISIO, a major Greek electronics retailer.
  • Following a police seizure of counterfeits, we filed on behalf of PRADA SA a legal action claiming damages.