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Coming Soon: A new balanced-out regulatory framework for concessions and PPPs in Albania

The absence of a stable and predictable regulatory framework in Albania undoubtedly accounts for the country’s financial instability and stagnant development. The possibility of an upcoming tumble in the national economy calls for reforming one of the most vital national legislative sectors: concessions and PPPs. The law on concessions and PPPs has been amended several […]

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A change of scenery in the Greek media industry – The ambitious plan of the Government to restore the sector’s integrity

Following six months of slow-track negotiations between Greece and its international creditors, an agreement between the parties on a new bailout program has now reached a finish line. In witness of the agreement, Greece’s government submitted at the negotiating table a list of overhauls and policy commitments to be implemented in consultation with EC, ECB […]

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Legal background for TMT products and services outsourcing in Albania

Albania has seen a boom of call centre services outsourcing in recent years by a number of multinational companies. Foreign companies, mostly from Italy, have benefited from several advantages of outsourcing call centre services in Albania, including tax rates, low labour cost, flexible employment conditions and highly qualified employees, with advanced language skills in several […]

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Competition policies in the distribution of pharmaceuticals An insight into the Romanian market

The Romanian Competition Council (RCC) marks two years since they launched, by virtue of an order of the RCC President, a sector inquiry on the national pharmaceutical industry, in a risk-assessment trial run to address potential malfunctions of anti-competitive nature. The inquiry followed a preliminary study conducted by the RCC on the commercial evolution of […]

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Legal and investigative services: how to get the most in the anti-counterfeiting business

Anti-counterfeiting is an endless battle, in which infringers have at their disposal all kinds of illegal weapons and methods. On the other hand, brand owners’ anti-counterfeiting efforts rely on the state enforcement authorities and the judiciary system, representing the public sector, as well as private services, namely anti-counterfeiting professionals, i.e. lawyers and investigators. What is […]

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White collar crime in Albania

Doing business in Albania has undergone a short but interesting progress, initiated with the business regulatory reforms, followed by a “gold rush” of foreign investors during the last fifteen years. Many articles have been published on the matter, however, white-collar crime, committed by employees and/or executives of businesses, is a topic that deserves particular focus […]

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2015 -The year of electricity power sector reformation in Albania

For more than two decades, the Albanian electricity power sector has been facing critical financial and operational problems, as a result of a number of issues, which oftentimes caused chain reactions. The most characteristic example would be the lack of payments from the part of the end consumers, who do not pay the power distributors, […]

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