• February 3, 2022
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CEELM’s Law Firm Marketing feature editor asked Law Firm Marketing experts across the CEE region a question: Which metrics do you look at when planning your marketing budget?

At Drakopoulos, we create a marketing strategy towards delivering our firm’s strategic objectives and goals, by defining the acquisition and retention rates we aim to reach. Our goal is to build a reliable and consistent pipeline of quality leads and convert them to loyal and long-term clients. When planning our annual marketing budget, we often perform a cost-benefit analysis, taking into consideration our target growth rate, competition, risk exposure, and cash reserves at the time, while assessing the potential of any new/rising market trends that may lead to profitable practice areas. On an average basis, we invest approximately 2-3% of our annual gross revenues in marketing, including sponsorships, conferences, publications, SEO, and listings.

Marietta Vidali, Marketing Director, Drakopoulos