• April 12, 2019
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On 11 April 2019, React and Drakopoulos, the anti-counterfeiting network’s Greek partner, with the support of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted in Athens a Product Identification training seminar for over 100 Customs, Police, Financial Crime Unit, Coast Guard and Ministry of Economy officers.

The seminar raised awareness on goods infringing intellectual property rights and brands representatives demonstrated ways to identify counterfeit goods in a swift and effective manner. Fifteen global well know companies offered training with respect to their brands.

The attendees were welcomed by the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Konstantinos Michalos, whose presentation focused on the negative impact of illegal trade and the Chamber’s efforts in the fight against counterfeits.  In addition, high level officers from the Coordination Centre for Illicit Trade, the agency that coordinates all anti-counterfeiting law enforcement authorities in Greece, presented their work and referred to the most important current issues and challenges of Anti-Counterfeiting in Greece.

The seminar was labeled as a success by the attendees, with important learning earned from it.