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Prioritizing priorities: IP challenges for Greece

The utmost value of Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”)to the global economy has been much discussed and analyzed in a series of published EU and national economic studies and reports, quantifying both the contribution of IPR-intensive industries to the economic performance and trade, as well as the economic impact of counterfeiting. Corporate and government budget, allocation […]

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Liability of intermediaries: the effective anti-counterfeiting tool

STO-3707 AC Guide 2018 custom PDFs_DRAKOPOULOS

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Trademarks guide in Greek

Trademarks Guide 2.0_2017

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Albania: a new IP National Strategy is around the corner

Albanian IP legislation and practice have recorded over the past years significant developments towards the recognition and enforcement of IP rights by harmonizing national laws with the EU legislation and by increasing the active role of various public institutions in the process. However, there are yet some areas in need of improvement, both in terms […]

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The economic impact of counterfeiting: How brand owners and public sector opt for reshaping their strategies to secure sustainability

Introduction   Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) are of utmost value to all stakeholders involved in their value chain, from IP owners to IP-intensive industries and consumers. In most cases, in which IPR have been the result of inventive activity, innovation, allocation of human and other resources, investment and production, counterfeiting comes as a blow against […]

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Legal and investigative services: how to get the most in the anti-counterfeiting business

Anti-counterfeiting is an endless battle, in which infringers have at their disposal all kinds of illegal weapons and methods. On the other hand, brand owners’ anti-counterfeiting efforts rely on the state enforcement authorities and the judiciary system, representing the public sector, as well as private services, namely anti-counterfeiting professionals, i.e. lawyers and investigators. What is […]

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